Tracking system

A solar tracking system is a device used in photovoltaic solar power systems designed to track the position of the sun and adjust the orientation of solar panels to maximize energy collection efficiency. Solar tracking systems can achieve optimal solar energy harvesting efficiency throughout the day. Whether it’s in the morning, noon, or evening, the system keeps the solar panels oriented towards the sun, maximizing the utilization of solar resources. Our single axis solar tracking systems are cost-effective, stable and efficient system. They are fully fit for 210 module, and adapt to various terrains allowing a north-south slope up to 20%. Our solar power tracking system is easy to install and maintain, and uses AI algorithm to maximize power generation.

By harnessing more sunlight and reducing reliance on conventional energy sources, solar tracking systems help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. The higher energy yield from solar tracking systems translates to faster payback periods and increased return on investment for consumers, making solar power more economically viable.

INTERNATIONAL ALUMINUM solar tracking systems offer superior performance, durability, and functionality, delivering significant advantages and benefits to consumers in terms of increased energy production, improved financial returns, space efficiency, grid stability, and environmental sustainability.

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