Single Axis Tracking System

Product Parameters
Electrical system parameters
Control mode         MCU
Tracking accuracy        2°
Protection level        IP65
Ambient temperature        -40ºC-85ºC
Power supply type        AC110-500/DC 300-1500
Monitoring device        Remote monitoring(optional)
Communication mode        Wireless / wired communication
System basic parameters
Driving form        Rotary device
Foundation type        Cement foundation / Steel pile foundation
Component type        Single glass panel / double glass panel / frameless panel
Tracking range         ± 50 °
Panel layout        Single row vertical/ double row vertical
Minimum height above ground        0.3m(lowest point)
System life         More than 30 years
Work speed        ≤18m/s
Resistance to wind speed         ≤50m/s

 Single Axis Solar Panel Independent Tracking System with Multi Rod

Single Axis Panel Independent Tracking System with Multi Rod is driven by multi motor controls. Multiple support points are stable and reliable. It provides optimization scheme of double-sided components. There is no shelter on the back. The double-sided+intelligent tracking mode greatly improves the power generation. It can track the sunlight in real time and search for light intelligently. Comparing with thetraditional fixed bracket, the power generation can be increased by 10-15%. This system is suitable for multi scene large power station.

1, The traditional square tube girder design has better adaptability.
2, Adopting fishbone purlin, which is better strength, better stability and easy installation.
3,  Max. gradient difference adaptability in N-S direction up to 15%.
4,  Excellent compatibility with all the mainstream solar modules available in the industry: frame, frameless and bi-facial. Independent 2V module design, which reduces the quantity of piles and the construction cost significantly.
5,  Free obstacles among trackers in N-S direction, easy to maintain and clean.
6,  Its design is configured with one single set of controller,  which ensures point-to-point real-time monitoring, easy to detect fault points in time every day and reduce output loss.
7,  Independent design, various land form adaptability.

Product Advantages
3 push and drive at the same time, the tracking angle can be reached ±50°
The push rod is located under the photovoltaic panel to prevent rain and dust and increase the service life.
The motor is located above the push rod to prevent flooding.
High torque push rod ensures the stability of operation


System Advantages 
String power, backup battery, safe and reliable
Wireless communication, optimized layout, simple and efficient
Intelligent tracking all day to improve power generation
Internet cloud data transmission, 5G transmission, real-time monitoring, fast and efficient.




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