Double Axis Tracking System

Electrical system parameters
Control mode         MCU
Tracking accuracy        1°
Protection level        IP65
Ambient temperature        -40ºC-85ºC
Power supply type        AC110-500
Monitoring device        Remote monitoring(optional)
Communication mode        Wireless / wired communication
System basic parameters
Driving form        Rotary device
Foundation type        Cement foundation / Steel pile foundation
Component type        Single glass panel / double glass panel / frameless panel
Tracking range         East-West ± 60 °, north-south 0 ~ 90 °
Panel layout        Single row / double row / three row / four row, both horizontal and vertical
Minimum height above ground        0.5m(lowest point)
System life         More than 30 years
Work speed        ≤18m/s
Resistance to wind speed         ≤50mls

Dual Axis Solar Panel Tracking System

Dual Solar tracking system is one of the most promising product technology trends in solar today, which help users get more power generated. It can boost solar power system production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions. The two axes of rotation allow the tracker to position the solar cells directly perpendicular to the sun’s ray all the time. As they are able to adjust for the sun’s height as well east to west rotation dual-axis trackers fully adjust for seasons as well as adjusting to face the sun as it sits low on the horizon at sunrise and sunset, and high in the sky in the middle of the day.


  1. Weight-lifting structure with 5 supporting points, shaped table design combined with a four-link age structure, driven by slewing drive.
    2. Eliminates the water wave effect to prevent the impact of wind to the structure, eliminate the quiver and ensure the output efficiency of solar modules.
    3. More reasonable stable distribution, lower steel structure cost, and avoid the deformation of structure.
    4. Independent design, various land form adaptability, zero land leveling cost, make it suitable for solar agriculture, Solar-fishery projects and other application purpose, make it easy to install and maintain, and save maintenance cost.
Product Advantages
Dual Driving Motor, intermediate reduction wheel, keep horizontal rotation stability, uniform stress
The overall support has high stability and can prevent system resonance; There are auxiliary rotating components, which can prevent the system damage caused by excessive rotating speed
The two axis rotary drive system has a tracking angle of ± 60 ° in the east-west direction and 90 ° in the north-south direction. It could ensure the maximum coincidence between the panels and the direct sunlight angle to obtain more sunlight.
The horizontal drive motor uses the Hoyer motor to ensure the motor operation can be fed back to the controller in real time, which could ensure the tracking accuracy.


System Advantages 
220V AC power supply, convenient power supply and stable power supply
Wireless communication, the system can broadcast and upgrade, optimize the layout, and reduce the operation difficulty when the project is upgraded uniformly
Intelligent tracking all day to improve power generation
Beidou GPS satellite communication can accurately obtain the longitude and latitude of the project, and is equipped with an anemometer. When the wind speed is too high, the tracking mode can be adjusted in time to prevent damage to the components
Real-time monitoring, fast and efficient



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