Flexible Mounting System

Production Name: Flexible Solar Panel Mounting System
Brand Name : SunSoar
Place Of Origin: Xiamen ,China
Material: Q235B(Carbon Steel) & Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Wind Speed: 60m/s
Snow Load: 3.6 KN/m2
Max. Building Height: up to 65ft(22m), customized available
Warranty: 10 years
Payment: T/T, L/C,etc.
Packing: In pallet, carton box or as your request
Standard: ISO9001 SGS

Product Description
Flexible Solar Panel Mounting System
The flexible photovoltaic support originates from the roof of suspension structure and glass curtain wall. It is a photovoltaic support system supported by suspension structure. The suspension structure consists of a series of tensioned cables as the main load-bearing components. These cables form various forms of systems according to certain laws and are suspended on the corresponding support structure. The cable generally adopts steel strand, steel wire rope or steel wire bundle composed of high-strength steel wire, and round steel can also be used.
Flexible mounting solution is an architectural form that fix solar modules between the buildings .It has significant advantages when applied in large span areas, such as rivers, sewage treatment plants, orchard nursery and other areas where continuous pile posts cannot be placed. Through the four installation methods of hanging, pulling, hanging and bracing, the Flexible mounting solution can be installed freely in many directions, which can better improve the support method of distributed solar power plant especially C&I markets.

1, It is applicable for the large span site to improve the space utilization;
2, With rational hooks placement, the stress is evenly applied and the load capacity of solar panels is strengthened.
3, The overall installation cost is low and the construction period is short;
4, The double glass solar panel, which enjoys good resistance for micro cracks, is able to guarantee hight-quality power generation in combination with the flexible mounting system.

Product Design
1, Rigid-flexible Supporting Solution
-It is more suitable for the construction of mountain photovoltaic power stations, which can be erected freely without constraints on the site environment;
-Simple structure and low cost;
-Saving land and make it easier to meet the capacity requirements of the power station.
2, Water Surface Flexible Support Solution

-Combining the pipe piles, flexible supports and photovoltaic modules with the wire rope clips through the pressing block;
-Reducing the amount of steel used and save costs;
-Saving land and applying flexible photovoltaic support on water surface is a new milestone in photovoltaic field.



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